Peace,Love And Smile’s In The Forest.

What are you going to create for #EF2015?

Photo by Erin Slayter

Electric Family at Electric Forest! LOVE THIS MOMENT!

Electric Forest Family! First time to the forest with the best crew ever!

shot by: AJ Gianni

Sit comfortably now, close your eyes, and let’s go somewhere wonderful together…

We out here!!!! Positive vibes from the Foresters! 

After Funk won the 2014 Instrumental Forester Competition, presented by Bud Light. They brought the funk to the Observatory Stage (and late-night venues all over the festival) with some serious groove, and left a little bit of their flavor to sizzle in The Forest for years to come <3

Did you play in The Globe Theatre photo booth? Jenkstars might have caught you in their gallery -

I will never forget that sunset during Seven Lions… ahhh take me back!

"One of the greatest functions of music is to help relieve us from the stresses that we face in our everyday lives and take us back to places of excitement." - Zach DiGia

What song brings you back home?