This year, Electricology and The Queen of The Forest set up a hidden camera next to a piece of garbage in the campgrounds, and waited for a responsible Forester to do what was right.

In The Forest, a single act of mindfulness is a powerful thing… that can land you a hot air balloon ride.

Hidden cameras masterminded by Great Eye Films.

"Music is more than just a way to be entertained. It can be a powerful force that heals and redeems us while bringing us together with a community we needed but didn’t even know was there."


Our story is powerful. Thank you to all those who participated in the Electric Forces Program with Wounded Warriors from the Forest Family this year - watch the video now on huffingtonpost.

We’ve been told that these are the best group of photos they’ve seen this year, and we totally agree. Check out our full photo recap from the Forest this year »

Spot me with the pink flamingo ;)

"This is the best weekend of my life!" I overheard this exuberant announcement several times during my stay at Electric Forest. And although I was definitely enjoying myself, I simply just didn’t get it.  It wasn’t until I got back home that I realized, through their absence, how many good vibes were floating

Thankfully, those vibes settled themselves into my life one way or another.  Primarily in these four lessons I took home with me….   Read More

The Hoop Troupe has become an annual Plug In tradition that invites hoopers from around the world to audition for a performance troupe at the festival. Thank you Luna Breeze Performance Art and Shakti Sunfire for making it happen <3

In case you didn’t catch them in The Forest, watch them in action and get your hoop on for 2015!


enjoying the sunshine, bubbles, and good vibes at sherwood court with my forest family. take me back!